3rd AASP Pharmacy Deans Forum 2014

28-29 June 2014, Tokyo, Japan 

We are pleased to announce the 3rd AASP Pharmacy Deans Forum 2014 and invite deans, directors, academics and leaders from all Asian countries for participation. The Asian Association of Schools of Pharmacy (AASP) serves as a platform for the exchange of ideas andstrategies in pharmacy education as well as to foster research collaborations among the member pharmacy schools in Asia. Among the activities of AASP there are the biennial Education/Practice/Scientific Conference which has been held since 2004, and Pharmacy Deans Forum which aims to address current issues in pharmacy education in Asia that Pharmacy Deans, the Faculty and the academic institutions are confronted with. Both the Conference and the Pharmacy Deans Forum are held biennially, but in alternate years. ¬The 3rd AASP Pharmacy Deans Forum will be held in Tokyo on 28-29 June 2014 with the theme, Regional Harmonization of Pharmacy Education in Asia. Distinguished speakers will be invited from Asian countries to share their experiences. The Deans Forum will also offer a valuable opportunity for interaction and networking among academia from the different schools of pharmacy in Asia. We look forward to seeing you and many other participants at the 3rd Pharmacy Deans Forum in Tokyo.

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Message from the President, Asian Association of Schools of Pharmacy


G ParthasarathiThe challenges faced by pharmacy educators in our (Asia) region are not unique. Around the world, changes in technology, health care and student and community expectations require expert and timely responses from all of us. Students increasingly expect their awards (degrees) to be globally recognised, which in turn requires complex harmonisation between governments, pharmacy regulators and pharmacy schools.  The pace of change is accelerating and international associations such as AASP can help our members to share experiences and prepare our schools and faculty for the future.  Pharmacy schools must meet society’s demands for patient-focused health professionals, whilst at the same time maintaining our traditional strengths in the pharmaceutical sciences. We must strengthen our capabilities in pharmacy practice and pharmacotherapeutics, so that our graduates are able to assume current and future roles in patient care. Depending on health workforce issues and government regulation, such roles may include delivery of primary and preventative health care services such as vaccinations and monitoring of chronic illnesses. We need to provide our students with an understanding of the social and lifestyle determinants of health and illness, and to ensure that life-long learning is part of their DNA on graduation day. I look forward to meeting as many AASP members as possible during my term as President, and hope that you will contact me or members of the Executive Committee or Board of Directors with your ideas and priorities.



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